A simpler and easier bowel prep
for colonoscopy comes to Hampton Roads

By Peter Cousin - Editor

Recently I had the opportunity of interviewing famed Dr. David A Johnson, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology at Eastern VA Medical School Norfolk VA. (see his full bio: CLICK HERE)Scan0020

Hygieacare-logoThis came about as a result of my introduction to HyGIeaCare Prep through their advertisement in the Virginian Pilot. 

If you have ever had a colonoscopy or are preparing for an upcoming event, you know that the preparation is almost unbearable.

It is unbelievable that more than 56% of patients who have been prescribed a colonoscopy by their Physicians refuse the procedure citing the preparation as their reason.
 (Reference: J Gen Intern Med. 2005 Nov)

With colon cancer being preventable, having a colonoscopy is a life saving procedure that should outweigh the discomfort of the preparation. NOW IT CAN!

According to Dr. Johnson, colon preparation needed fixing. If the colon is not completely clean, it is difficult to see polyps. What has been the accepted prep for patients involved drinking a prepared potion then running to the toilet constantly during several unpleasant hours. Some side affects of this preparation may be cramping, regurgitation, and lack of sleep the night before the colonoscopy. In all, a very unpleasant experience. This may explain the resistance of patients opting not to have the procedure done and thus putting their lives at risk.

 Enter HyGIeaCare. They have developed a Safe, Easy, Convenient & Hygienic way of preparing for a colonoscopy. This is done the same day as your procedure and only takes 45 minutes to an hour to perform.

norfolk-building-Copy1The company began offering this procedure first in Austin, TX then Norfolk, VA, then Dallas, TX, and then Gilbert, AZ.

The Norfolk location is on the second floor inside the Amelia Building across the street from Sentara Leigh Hospital. Dr. Johnson and his associate group located in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Williamsburg and Princess Anne have the exclusive rights to the HyGIeaCare Prep department. This came about he says as a result of his interest in the procedure. So much so, he made arrangements to fly to Texas and have the prep performed on himself. He wanted to make sure the claims fit the actual procedure. It did.

While his group of doctors and their facilities do not have any financial connection with HyGIeaCare, they did secure the exclusive rights to use it and to refer their patients and patients getty_rm_photo_of_colon_comof other doctors not in their group located in Hampton Roads.

So how does the HyGIeaCare system work? Glad you asked. CLICK HERE

Visit us online at our Norfolk Website Phone: 757-243-1266
Amelia Building at Park Central
855 Kempsville Road, Suite 224
Norfolk, VA 23502

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