Owners Scott & Sarah Kellam




“Employees can make or break a business,” says Scott. “This is the reason why we spend so much time and effort in our hiring process. A résumé turns into an application, which then turns into testing, careful background checks and conversations with both Sarah and me. These new team members that we hire become part of our extended family, and family means absolutely everything to us! We show them respect; they show us respect, and it’s just a great place to work!

We’re both proud to introduce you to some of our employees (family)


Imagine the friendliness

Whenever you call Kellam Mechanical, you will speak with a great team member, who is not only professional, but passionate about the company! You can hear the smile in her voice. To the left is a picture of retail Assistant and Customer Service Representative, Susan Kellam. Does the name sound familiar? It should! She is the sister of Owner Scott Kellam.


Imagine the quality

Jody Salmons (to the right) plays a significant role at Kellam Mechanical. Jody is the dispatcher. She coordinates with the techs and installers while keeping YOU, the customer, informed with an expected time of arrival. Jody’s happy attitude comes across, not only with the customers, but also with every member of the Kellam team. She is a joy to work with!


Imagine the expertise


Patsy Meiggs has a bright smile on or off the telephone! You might catch her, should you call in while Susan is on the other line. She handles receptionist duties, too; and in addition, she is in charge of payroll for the company. This makes her very popular with the employees!


Imagine the professionalism


Dana Hearne (our bookkeeper, pictured left) is our newest addition to the Kellam Mechanical Team. She orchestrates accounts payables and accounts receivables. Keeping the accounts paid on time is something the vendors appreciate. She is very dedicated to Kellam and a great team player.



Imagine the knowledge

Mike Clark, the Kellam retail manager, directs the efforts of the sales force and is the lead contact with the installers. Mike’s knowledge of the products and services goes far beyond that of a normal mortal man! He has been in this business for a long time (and is a pretty good golfer from what we’re told). He loves to work hard and to play hard. Mike has a very infectious sense of humor. All of Kellam Mechanical depend on Mike for many things, and are glad that he’s part of the team!”



Imagine one company that can do it all!

Adam Cook, Service and Maintenance Department Manager, has a broad knowledge of the HVAC industry and inspires his team to do its very best. Continual training and support from the management team help him grow and improve the department, which, in turn, brings the customers the best service anywhere!


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