“We’re more than a heating and air-conditioning company: We’re family!”
Sarah Kellam - Office Manager & Marketing Administrator


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Village News Magazine welcomes Kellam Mechanical, Inc. as our official heating and air- conditioning company of record.

This finely tuned operation speaks volumes to a level of enthusiasm and professionalism that I have rarely seen in any company. As I entered the parking lot of this beautifully designed building on one very cold December morning, I could tell immediately that pride was the number one issue of the owners,  Scott & Sarah Kellam.

Entering the office, I was greeted immediately with a smile and sincere welcome by the receptionist. As I waited to meet with Scott and Sarah, I began taking pictures of the lobby area, which I found to be almost pristine!

ReceptionAt reception, my first question had already been answered. Not only was it unlike any other HVAC company office I had ever seen (bright, clean and well-appointed), I was struck by the beautiful picture to the right – a map showing our area, along with the wording of their Company Vision and Mission Statement, available for all who enter to read. This was very impressive.

Everywhere I looked, the pride of this office was evident. Each technician was dressed in the official Company uniform. The people who worked in the office were nicely dressed, and their friendliness was a breath of fresh air. What could be driving this, I wondered? I’m just a visitor. I found out later, in talking with the owners, that everyone who comes into their building is treated with great respect: That is part of their Company culture.

The brochure racks were neat, clean and up-to-date. This was more like a Doctor’s office than an Bld-3Heating and Air Conditioning company!

Greeted in the lobby by Sarah Kellam (hand extended and a polite introduction), she welcomed me to Kellam Mechanical. Scott Kellam followed shortly with a strong handshake, welcoming me and thanking me for coming. Sarah and I had spoken on the telephone the previous day, and we agreed that Kellam would become the HVAC company of record for Village News Magazine readers. Now that I had observed the inside of their building, I was very pleased that we had come to this agreement!

With pride in her voice, Sarah asked if I would like a complete tour of the entire facility. “Of course,” I said! “Yes!” As we entered each of the office areas, all of which contained well-dressed and well-groomed employees, Sarah took the time to introduce me to each person by name, explaining that Kellam would be advertising in Village News Magazine. Each office was as nice as the previous one! As we finally entered the warehouse, I saw tons of material used specifically in their daily business. From the smallest item to the largest generator, Kellam was visibly organized and ready for anything! There was even space for much larger equipment. Sarah explained that when the warehouse was constructed, they made room for expansion.

Warehouse-1TruckEach of the twelve Kellam Mechanical “fast-response” trucks was clean on the outside and organized for any emergency on the inside. Each is equipped with a GPS system, as well.

Each of the service technicians and installation technicians has been professionally trained, background checked and bonded for security. Scott continues to upgrade his own certifications and recently renewed his Masters certification in HVAC repair. Says Scott “We spare no expense in keeping our team trained in all the latest techniques and on the latest equipment. A well-trained member of our team is inspired to keep the customer in first place; and as part of our extended family, they know that this is the pivotal tool that keeps customers coming back, time and time again.”

On a personal note, I found the Kellams to be warm and welcoming people, proud of their Company and of the attention to excellent service that they provide. Even their sons (Garrette, 14, and Carter, 5, are involved already! Their pictures appear in this month’s ad in Village News Magazine. Please take a look. Yup! Those are their sons.) Scott & Sarah genuinely care about their extended family of employees, often doing things together – celebrating a birthday with a night out, barbecuing for lunch during warm weather…(Scott likes to do hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. When he relinquishes the reins as BBQ Master, his hot dogs and burgers are often replaced by well-marbled steaks!) The respect they show for each other, for their extended family and especially for their customers will confirm that this is the company that should be taking care of all of your heating and air-conditioning needs from now on!

Visit their website at: www.KellamMechanical.Com/

Or call them at 430-0358


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