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So your air-conditioning system sprang a leak?
“This is My Story” by Peter Cousin - Editor Village News Magazine

Ten years ago, when we moved into West Neck, which surrounds the Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course, my wife and I were two of the happiest people in the world: Living on a golf course in a beautiful new home was a dream come true! We knew, of course, that one day, the equipment in our home would begin to need service. (This inevitability comes with all home equipment at some time or another!) What we didn’t expect was that our A/C would begin needing service in 2010, only 8 years after installation. We had been told that the system should last 12-14 years!

In July of 2011, during a long stretch of extremely high heat, our air-conditioning system began to fail. The heat in the house rose to over 80 degrees. The unit outside (See picture to the right.) began to freeze up. I contacted the company that did the installation to describe the problem. When the company repairman arrived (5 hours later), he told me, “there must be a leak.” After adding 2.5 pounds of R-22 Freon, the system began to cool; however, it took most of the evening before getting back to normal.

COST? CH-CHING! $337.44

On October 1, 2011, still in the heat of summer, the A/C again stopped working correctly, and the temperature level became quite uncomfortable as the heat began to rise. Again, I called the company for help. They told me to unplug the outside connection, so that the frozen unit would thaw before they arrived. Four hours later, they told me I “must have a leak,” because I needed 2 more pounds of Freon, which they installed.

COST? CH-CHING! $394.00

I wondered the reason why this should cost $57 more than last time for a half-pound less Freon? It was a Saturday! The technician assured me that I need not worry about changing the system until the following year, because we were about to come into the cooler time of year, and so we would not need the A/C much longer. I listened.

September 1st (my birthday), 2012, was a very warm day with extreme humidity – the highest it had been in a year! You guessed it: The A/C failed, once again! This time, it failed in early morning, so we could be sure to remain uncomfortable the whole day! When the HVAC company arrived, this time I was informed that the condenser had gone bad; and the system was two pounds low on Freon…again!

COST? CH-CHING! $458.00

We had now spent almost $1,200.00 on an old piece of equipment that actually needed to be replaced. ENOUGH!

When Kellam Mechanical joined Village News Magazine as our HVAC company-of-record, I felt confident that it was time to replace the system. I was so impressed with Kellam’s team of employees, its offices and reputation (the fact the Kellam name was known throughout Hampton Roads), I knew I would receive a very fair deal, together with Kellam’s excellent, built-in reputation to come along with it!

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